What is For Peace, Love, & Harmony?

For Peace, Love, & Harmony (PLH) is a mini youtube series created by the Sleepy Gallows as a means of practicing production and visual design. It is a video series that is staged to look like you are watching the walk through of an RPG video game. We've always had a strong attraction to fantasy and regal aesthetics,so this story takes place in a fairy ring. Our main character, Harmony, is a lower class fay who is swept into some royal madness while the kingdom undergoes a political and territorial struggle. All of the visual design and execution was done by Crystal with watercolor, goauche and ink; while Brittney, is bringing it all to life through traditional hand drawn animation.


Harmony smelling a flower with the text "His magic is strong, but untrained. His parents died before they could teach him."
A drawing of Love with the text "A powerful Fay, a fierce protector of her loved ones."
A drawing of Tranquility with the text "Part of a low caste, his magic is weak. But he is still an impressive opponent."
A drawing of Princess Joy hanging from a web with the text "After losing her memory, she lost her royal manners and became blunt and whiny."
Drawing of Queen Felicity with text "Princess Joy, her daughter, and Nirvana, her right hand, are the most important Fay in her life."
Drawing of Nirvana with text "She loves Felicity more than anyone in the world."
Fierce image of Damhan with the text "A powerful beastmaster seeking revenge against Harmony."